Mission and Work

Mission and Work

The Bears Ears Partnership works to protect and build respect for the cultural and natural landscapes of the greater Bears Ears region. 

Bears Ears Partnership accomplishes its mission through six primary focus areas

Indigenous Connections

Supporting Indigenous collaborative management through technical expertise, local knowledge, visitation to cultural sites, and advocacy

Field Work

Carrying out tangible on-the-ground projects to protect resources and improve the visitor experience in a way that blends archaeology with cultural heritage


Monitoring land uses and visitor impacts to identify and mitigate threats to cultural sites, wilderness values, and natural resources


Changing visitor behavior by inspiring appreciation and teaching “Visit with Respect” principles, both at the Bears Ears Education Center and out on the landscape


Working collaboratively with Tribal partners and communities to protect the greater Bears Ears cultural landscape


Enhancing scientific and cultural knowledge through partnerships, data collection, citizen science projects, primary research, and volunteer support of research projects

Bears Ears Partnership is committed to building common ground with local communities, Tribes, Pueblos, and people of the greater Bears Ears region. Our impact is greater when we bring together people from different perspectives focused on the common goal of protecting the region’s natural and cultural resources. We support Indigenous leadership in the management and conservation of the greater Bears Ears region.

Bears Ears Partnership respectfully acknowledges that our work is carried out on traditional lands taken from the Hopi, Diné/Navajo, Zuni, Ute, and other Tribes and Pueblos. We aspire to honor and learn from the long cultural history of stewardship and connection to these sacred lands.

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